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"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

Today my focus is on one of the greatest woman who have ever walked the face of this planet. Gram you are a legend of love, support & courage in the fiercest way. Everyone who knows Miss Sissy knows that Miss Sissy ain't never been a sissy. You're fighting spirit has poured down through the generations & instilled in us all what it takes to look this world in the eyes without a drop of fear. Gave us some anger issues as well, but every gift also has its curses lol. We like trees are defined by our roots, & you Gram are the well placed roots that have always held this family strong. You have carried us on your back through heartaches & heart breaks. You have made your fair share of mistakes that you courageously own up to & advise us all of so that we do not repeat the history of them. Even to this day you continuously step forward & give even when you don't have it, just to ensure that the people you love most do not go without. You forget no one, even the people who forget you daily. I am thankful for every single day that I get to love you. Not you're memory, but to your face. Your hugs, your unfiltered comments & insights. You fight for me specifically in a way that you always have & no one else ever will. You have loved me since my first breath. Before the development of my first freckle :-) & you'll love me long after I cease to exist. You have a gift of always loving me as if I am right there & I will forever feel pulled to wherever you are because of it. You are the original Woman King. The one whose empire will never know a sunset. Know that what you have contributed to the world & this life matters & will never be forgotten in any way. You are & will always have a legacy of love & success. What you have built inside us all will live forever. Thank you so much for the amazing gift of who you are. I love & cherish you. Happy Birthday.

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