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Am I Institutionalized?

Michael James LL3281

I once read a quote from Maya Angelou, I can't give it to you verbatim but she was basically making a point that the African american culture is the only culture in the world that glorifies criminality, the murder of our neighbours, and the destruction of our own neighbourhoods. When you asked if I'm institutionalized this point came to mind because when I think about it, I believe institutionalization is what Maya was speaking about. Somewhere in our history we either developed or allowed others to develop for us a fucked up belief system where we accept criminality and everything that comes with it as our "culture". This in itself is institutionalization. The fact that we're the only people in the history of the world who count murders as trophies, have no shame in poisoning our own communities, celebrate and sing about every act that the rest of the world would be embarrassed to acknowledge and call it a "culture", is a sickness that has to be attributed to something. I attribute it to institutionalization. So when you ask if I'm institutionalized, I say you're fuckin right I'm institutionalized. But not because I'm incarcerated and my body is programmed to wake up at 6:15am as if I have an internal alarm clock but because I'm black and I come from a "culture" of people who's minds are programmed to accept every act that was gonna land me in this predicament as a badge of honor and a right of passage.

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