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Another Year, Another Blessing

Today I would like to shoutout and love on someone who deserves this post and so much more!

Thank You for existing, thank you for striving and pushing even when it's not easy. I appreciate you just being. Being who you are unapologetically, and loving so freely. You've given me more than I could even fathom in this lifetime and it's not over yet. You've given our children someone who they can learn from, appreciate, honor, love on and from and also trust. You've given the family, that we've grown, things the world couldn't possibly understand even with explaining. Anyway before this turn emotional lol. I celebrate you today even more than I do on a regular basis. I love you a little more, care for you a little more and pour into you a whole lot more. Thank you for always showing up even when you had no energy to do so. Thank you for being present as well ALWAYS. Loving you is easy and I plan to do so every day and every year a little more each time.

Thank you to your parents. Without them I would not be able to celebrate you today. Thanks to them I have someone to love for 20 more years and more. Our children have a great father and I also have my best friend. Thank you Momma and Pop for raising such an amazing man that you could give us. Thank You for giving him the tools to be the strong man we all love today.

Bae Happy Birthday! I've known you 20 out of your 34 years on this earth and I'm looking forward to the many more with you. Today I pray you are loved on purpose, and intentionally. I Love You! #M4L #FandE #SurvivingTogether #RosesGiven #RoseGivingTribute #BirhdayShoutOut

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