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"If y'all was capable of getting it I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

By now I hope that the theme of my blogs is clear. I can only speak for me, & I can only do so in the way that works for me. To me, Commitment is a choice that we make daily & in each moment. We either choose to step forward, or we choose to fold. I have committed myself to many different people & causes throughout my life. Many of those commitments are still in place & holding true. Many are not, nor are they missed. I try to keep my life fairly simple by prioritizing what matters to me & saying f**k everything else. I don't believe that anything binds anyone together in an unbreakable way besides choice. I don't believe in being legally bound. Nor socially. I believe a commitment has the utmost power & meaning when it is understood that it isn't an obligation. Nobody owes me anything. Nothing at all. But I do have expectations. My expectations are based on the value that I place on me. I expect anybody who expects to keep me in their life to earn me. My love is mine to give. My time, my energy, my investment the same. As they're mine to give, they're mine to take back from people I deem undeserving. I kiss no asses & I accept no shorts, simply because I offer none to the people I commit to. So many commitments are blind, & are used as tools, that we allow, to manipulate ourselves into following predetermined courses of actions that usually end with us in isolated situations, & the people with whom we honored our commitments free to break theirs to us without consequence. The funny thing is that they often have broken no commitment to us because they never declared by word or deed that they were committed to us in any way. So many commitments are assumptions that we make asses out of ourselves with. I know who & what I'm committed to. I've declared it to myself & I stand by it. My love is eternal, don't arrogantly assume my investment is.

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