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Existence (John Cruz)

We exist. In our existence; which isn't in our past, which isn't in our futures. It is here, in the here and now. The present moment is only where we truly exist. And, have full control over. (In the physical) If a great/individual has made it to our present time from his/her past. Then their mark has been great. Due to their existence/movements/drives in their present moment. Then, and only then, It would be up to others to carry on their legacy. Depending on the greatness of that legacy. Your existence means that you are currently alive. In being alive. Live your life in full, in your moments. For a greater future. To get the best of what your existence has to offer. "In the here and now". Why? In the here and now. Is because that is all we have true power over. The past is over, tomorrow isn't promised. Now if you want this present moment to exist in the future. Then one must create a legacy/memory of someone or something so great that it stays in play in all future times. Gain full control of your self. One does have control over their existence. One is alive. It that not correct. So then one does exist. Since one does exist. Then take the reigns of oneself. And lead your self without any negative outside influences. Or influences that will intent dually keep you from being your true potential. If you want more, if you want to stay prevalent. From what will bound you down from your true existence. Then one must cut loose from such attachments. To other's, places, and things. That serve no positive purposes. That limit us, from being the best individual for all of life in our existence. One must search oneself within. Once you find your true self within. Then you will find what your true existence is. No one can tell you, who you are, or what you will become. Unless you allow it. Your existence in the here and now has all the power. That's where it lies, in your true self, in your true purpose, in your true path. Know thyself, inside, then out, Simultaneously!

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