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My name is Gregory Jackson QJ5343 I am currently housed at SCI Smithfield. I don't know what I'm honestly expecting to achieve by doing this but I will say this many of us suffer from that feeling of being alone in the world and I am no different . I am by no means perfect and would never claim to be but as of late I realize that I have the gift of expression and I no longer intent to allow myself to be quiet we were given abilities to share with the world and that's what I attend to do from this moment forward. I also realize that no great man has ever achieved the level of greatness without and equally great women in the back ground pushing him every step of the way . So what I'm asking for is that Winnie Mandela the Michelle Obama the Betty Shabazz that was meant for me to please!show yourself. I' ve been given the gift and the curse to love hard to the point that I have tunnel vision only to be constantly let down in the end and each time it hurts more then the last but I keep searching for her because I know she out there somewhere. I've done a lot of things both good and bad but the one thing that has alluded me I marriage and I only intend to do though once so if you are out there get at me and I promise I'll be worth you time . Always Gee


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