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#ExpressYaself --- The divided States of America

I refuse to pledge allegiance to the flag in a country that despises the melanin in my skin,

Its time to use the black fist to fight back and bring the psychological aspect of the slave mentality to an end.

I'm from a place where the complexion for the connection can get you in the capitol building armed,

but having brown skin will get you bumrushed by the national guards two blocks from the white house lawn. I'm from where a kid holding a cap gun will cause the cops to squeeze, yet a Caucasian can shoot a whole school up and the first thing they yell is freeze. I'm from the divided states of america where defeated is the blackman's mindset , the supply us with everything to destroy the hoods and why the suburbs don't have projects? I'm from where Klan members no longer hide their identities behind their signature sheets, because their thoughts and beliefs was put on the largest platform by the former commander and chief...... I'm from where its okay to carry confederate flags and show off your swastika tattooes, but carrying picket signs is met with night sticks with the intent to batter and bruise. I'm from where systemic racism is the narrative ,and you are considered guilty by association of you heritage. Where the ones who took the oath to serve and protect are the same ones that kill and who disrespect. Where black brilliance makes you individual , but we connected whenever its criminal , and the!racism us staring us right in the face it aint hidden or ever subliminal. I'm from the divided states of america where there's no such thing as equality, where the uprise is near cause our children are smarter thanks to the advanced technology...... by G.Jackson

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