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Girl Girl

This is a super special shout out to my Girl Girl. You are truly a ride or die and have proven yaself to be time and time again. You never verbally made the commitment to be so, but ya actions screamed it. I made the same commitment the moment you took your 1st breath 21 years ago. Here we are entering into a new milestone of your story, and I am loving every single thing written in it. You are Beautiful, so so Intelligent. Funny, Creative, Focused (the way you sat on the floor as a child and worked on puzzles non stop was always a pleasure to behold), Independent, Powerful, Loving, Supportive, Motivated, and so much More than anyone (including me) truly knows. You hold a special place that is undeniably yours and always will be. I am thankful for the privilege of being a part of your life and story. I appreciate the balance and constant effort it takes to be effortlessly you, and I will forever value and protect that. You have yet to scratch the surface of who and what you truly are, and I am blessed to have a front row seat as you do so. My sister wasn't perfect. Sometimes she was a butthole to you, but she was honestly proud of you always, and that Ik for a fact. I also know for a fact that were she still here physically she'd tell you with her own mouth (in her sometimes [*most times*] loud and obnoxious way :-)) that she was beyond proud of you. She played a role in your story. A major one. As did I and everyone else in ya life. Major roles, but small ones. We are all significant, but much less so than the story you constantly write each day with your will and desire to be you. You are a grown a** woman. Not because you're 21 today, but because You Are A Grown A** Woman. I hope that you value you a fraction of how much I do, and if you don't, start today. You are Valuable and being part of your life is a #relationshipgoal to anyone not an idiot. I love you and I am so proud of you. Happy Birthday and. congrats on being you.

#SurvivingTogether #RoseGivingTribute #BirthdayShoutOut #TSC

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