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Inside out

It's amazing how we have what's called a tell tell sign. and I'm not speaking of a face expression. the tell tell sign I speak of. We tend to hurt people with a lie, just to hide our truths. It's so easy to say he did this, she did that. when all or most of the time, were hoping no one finds our truths. were quick to say life is complicated. it's funny due to were the ones who's complicating things. if your sitting there asking yourself, what is he talking about. you have to walk a day ' in my shoe's. this is not me showing weakness, this is me showing, my strength. and how I was able to do something, I never imaging. I would do 30 years in jail as a innocent individual. I say over and over again. please do not feel my pain, But my strengths. until next time. Mr. Haynes.

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