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The silent killer

They say she got more bodies then probably anyone in the hood, many disguise's but that's what leaves her misunderstood. But everybody that she catch is giving her strength, to kill more she don't feel for nobody else. kinda sneaky can slide through the smallest cracks and her targets that's, always the rawlest cats. You know Mr invincible too good for protection , seeing life behind a Veil thinking nothing affects him. And you assuming she refusing you cause you was a boss , and as usual she using you as troops for her cause. Can't notice her by approaching her cause she's not alone , she got a billion silent soldiers that's surrounding the globe. See she's a problem a sickness that ain't got no cure, an if you doubt her the outcome is death for sure. She's the sleaziest the greasiest she murders for sport, street blinded weak minded get easily caught. Its debated she was created as infection for us, her best weapon is deception so protections a must. Her disguises steady rise wit every victim she find, art of persuasion is amazing she seduces ya mind. Use ya hormones to catch u at ya weakest state, lay dormant until its time to meet ya fate. She's the face of the future watch and see, many names but her initials is G Jackson

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