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Thinking Uniquely

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

Is thinking a hobby? I feel like it is. I like to process my thoughts. I have a process. I figure out what I believe through process of elimination. I take what's "commonsense" & I figure out what I disagree with. When I'm done figuring that out, what's left is usually what I do agree with. This process has helped me realize my belief that there is no "absolute truth". The things I'm sure about might be something you disagree with. That doesn't make those things any less relevant or true to me, they just become something you've identified as information that you disagree with. Hopefully learning what you disagree with is as helpfully revealing to you as it is to me, what I actually do agree with. I do it with pretty much everything. Religion, education, politics etc… I like to listen more than I speak because listening helps me learn what others are thinking. I live in my own head, so I don't have to actively listen to myself the way I do others. I most times know what I think & feel so in order to connect with the world outside me I choose to listen. I listen to people debate topics. I rarely join with my opinion because, me personally, I don't see a right or wrong viewpoint most times. I see differences that make people unique & I see the benefits of that uniqueness existing. I have a niece named Unique. All of my nieces are unique, but my niece named Unique seems doubly unique. Simply because her name is Unique. There's power in words to me. I believe that words, attributes & the names we choose for ourselves & each other highlight a story about us that have multiple perspectives. My little sister has a unique name, one I never encountered before her which I think is an awesome story. My nephew has unique views & opinions that I like hearing. I especially like the way he delivers them. I like uniqueness, it makes the world interesting.

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