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Unconditional Love

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I got a letter from my niece today. She waited 4mos. for me to respond last time and I regret that. She sent her return letter to me the day she got mine, so I won't keep her waiting this time. Snail mail is too slow I'd rather respond here. Your letter definitely made my day. Thank you for loving me past my long delay I'm sorry, and it won't happen again. I'm glad you love my fury name ideas. Yours are super you, and I appreciate you giving me a glimpse of who you are from where I am. It's okay if you feel they're "strange". It's also okay that you identify as being "strange" too, you know why? Because I'm clearly strange also lol I understand how you feel about Fidelias. I promise you I do. I don't wanna give anything away until you catch up, but I will say this, loyalty isn't as black and white as it looks. I'mma be watching to make sure you don't give your loyalty away cheaply. Everybody will not deserve it, and the people who do will earn it. Not once, not twice, but constantly. Never let someone make you feel that you owe them your loyalty, it's a gift not to be given or received lightly. Fade is my guy, you're gonna love him as he develops. I hate spoiling things, so I will share nothing about Tavi except to say that his resourcefulness, problem solving abilities, leadership qualities, & commitment to the people he cares for are a few of the qualities he has that are more powerful than any fury ever could be. You said "In that world we would be so powerful no doubt about it." We're powerful in this world! Period. It's my job to show you that. The fact that your 1st choice is to be a cursor shows me that you understand the value of believing in being a part of something bigger than you, and that makes me happy. You're also not afraid of commitment and work, because you're right it's a fierce job. I would like to be the 1st Lord, because I believe being responsible for the well being of EVERYBODY is a heavy and fierce job that deserves someone who is willing to be as selfless and fair as possible, while also doing what needs to be done to keep everyone safe and secure. I ain't gonna front to you I love Odiana. Good and Bad are relative terms. People are seldom one way. They are a culmination of all their many experiences and traumas, and they gave you a glimpse of hers very early on. I love how the author also showed you her ability to show compassion and appreciation, as a mitigating factor for her "Bad". Don't feel conflicted for liking someone who is deserving of being liked. Everybody can't be on the same team, but that doesn't make your opposition any less worthy of love from the people who they love and support, and vice versa. Life and everything that goes into it is complicated. As are all relationships. You'll see :-) (Don't think I didn't catch your witty remark either, her and Isana ARE pretty cool people. It's in their nature I'd say lol) Tell your Dad I said "Whaddup" as well as Ms. Pinky. Thank you for writing me 1st. I love you so much also, and I will always write you back. Thank you for doing the same. I love you forever and always.

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