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Why Black Friday?!

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

If you read my book then you know black is my favorite color (or shade as some people like to conversationally point out). Someone who I don't know determined that black isn't a color, and that it is instead an absence of all color. That's funny to me because I don't know how common that "truth" was when we were known "politely" as colored folk smh but that's not my point. My question is why we have a "social holiday" known as Black Friday and besides it being a day when we get (I would assume) great deals on everything, what is its significance especially in its name? If I had access to any kind of search engine I'd research it myself, but as of now with my extremely limited resources I need help, so I'm asking. I started thinking about it as I contemplated a Black Friday sale of all merchandise associated with The Survivors Community in conjunction with Blu's Secrets Holiday Self Love Friday event On Friday November 25th we'll be launching our fall line and merchandise, including but not limited to, our line of Custom Expressive Tees, Sweatshirts and Hoodies, offering a 25% discount for holiday/seasonal shopping that will last until December 1st. I have no issue with Black Friday (as of yet) and no social interest in challenging or "cancelling" it, I'm just curious and my ignorance of things always leads to questions seeking illumination. So anyone with any kind of insight or information that can illuminate this subject for me please share it. Thank you. I really appreciate everyone who takes time to read these blogs, interact and invest in the community we're building together. Happy Holidays to the people who celebrate them, and well wishes of love, joy and prosperity all year long to everyone whether you personally celebrate or not. No matter what this is the season for loving on purpose, so let's do so. Let's keep #SurvivingTogether #Sale #BlackFriday #Discount

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