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Little Blue Square

I'm watching the Kelly Clarkson Show today guest featuring Montana Tucker, a Jewish woman highlighting the travesties her own flesh and blood not only endured, but survived while held captive in Auschwitz during WWII. A clip of M. Tucker's 23 minute documentary was aired, bringing my heart and mind into remembrance of two things: the hatred still being perpetuated today to inflict harm and fear upon Jewish people; and the pain they endure that we as fellow partakers in this thing called Life should offer more of ourselves for them to lean on. Thank you Montana Tucker for being the voice needed right now for those of us having become numb to the harshness of both recent and past events surrounding the Jewish community at large.

Which brings me to The Little Blue Square #[] that has also been trending to bring awareness to Jewish hatred in the United States, though we know the boundaries of such atrocities are not limited to this country. The Survivors Community stands with you and any community in need of such support. You are cherished here.

Show your support wherever possible by sharing the Little Blue Square #[]. If we can advocate for the end of hatred in one regard, then it is possible to eradicate it in its entirety. This requires the actions and voices of individuals like Montana Tucker to be highlighted and lifted up safely and respectfully, which this platform gracefully offers.

Thank You

Eddie Gray

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