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"If y'all was capable of getting it I wouldn't mind explaining.
If y'all was capable of getting it it wouldn't need explaining."

Today was the day of birth for my 1st Queen. The wife, the love of my life, Fatima. Today you pushed through all your hurt and pain to Power Through another day. You overcame heartbreaks meant to destroy you, and you Grew Through them into a more perfect and complete version of you. I'm proud of you. I am blessed to exist in your time so that my soul will forever have the privilege of having met you. Never bow ya head to any of the foolishness and hate. Never be tainted by the jealousies big and small meant to offset and disrupt your moment. Enjoy Life as it's meant to be enjoyed, and that is unapologetically. Fight for and ChooseYou daily because you are and have always been absolutely worth it. I Love You F&E Today, Tomorrow, and Always. Happy Birthday Fati. #RoseGivingTribute #BirthdayShoutOut #EverydayMilestone #SurvivingTogether

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