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For all my mothers

Growing up I was fortunate to have so many mothers. I had a Mother bring me into this world, another teach me how to tie the laces of my Ken Griff's in a waiting room while the minivan was being inspected. There was the mother who took me on lunch-dates everyday while I was in kindergarten. And the mother who knelt beside my bed every night to pray to God with me before she went to work the graveyard shift. There was my group home mothers, some stricter than others of course. My juvenile detention/placement mothers who strived to teach us big eyed overtly impulsive children how to read and write. I can't forget about my many neighborhood mothers who would pop out on the front porch screaming my name holding a paper plate of what ever they cooked for their children because they just could not see me go hungry, and they knew I was too hyper to ask. So for the eighteen years I've bounced around this state I've had hundreds of mothers assist in my upbringing, all of whom I'd love nothing more to say I love you and thank you too right this minute. Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for stepping up and standing tall when all the odds were stacked against me and all the children who were similarly situated from Life's starting block. It is because of the mothers, world wide, that we are still here. How'd Tupac say it, "You are appreciated!!!!"

Please never forget it. We haven't.

Eddie Gray JL6615

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