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"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

My Tri Tri. My A1 since day one. My twin who was born 5 years a part. Today is a day that I look forward to each year, not because I don't love & value you to the highest degree daily, but because you deserve to be acknowledged on the day that the world received the gift of your existence. You are undeniably one of the most influential people in my life & that means more to me than you know. But not just my life, the little lives that I watch you cultivate daily. You are an amazing Mom. An even more amazing sister & an even more amazing person. You were the first person I saw rise above the broken legacy we have inherited as a people in this country & turn it around. You are the example of what is possible through "self education" instead of the lies & half truths we're indoctrinated into. You built & established a family. You built & established security that you didn't hoard, but instead shared with us all in many of our times of need. Everyone turns to you, & you never turn us away even when you are misused & abused. You have flaws as do we all, but your flaws are the unique attributes that make you exactly who you are & worth loving. I remember time after time that my sister showed up for me with no hesitation & no regrets. The way you love me always is a reminder & validation of my worth in this life & I hold onto it like the lifeline it is. The strength you have to repeatedly lose it all & repeatedly build it back is the kind of strength that builds nations one foundational brick at a time. Thank you for continuing to exist when it felt extremely hard for you to do so. When the world closed in on you & so many turned their backs on you, you stayed exactly who you've always been. Your love & loyalty are iconic & examples to be mirrored & emulated. You matter. Your life matters. You are loved. Remember that always and know I got you, from the beginning of each day, until the last breath leaves ya body, & even well beyond that. I love you & Imma carry you like you've always carried me. Happy Happy Birthday Sis enjoy it and many more.

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