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Time affects us in many ways. In some ways time can hinder us. We don't often realize how much control we have over time.

With time we feel like we have days, weeks, and moments to waste. We Don't! We can not get those days, weeks and moments back. We have to take them as they come learn from them and appreciate them.

Another part of time is feeling like we have to keep people in our lives because of the amount of time we knew them. A lot of times our season been done with the people we choose to keep in our lives. We feel like we owe it to people to not let them go once it has run its course. What happens if those people hinder us from growing? If those people keep drama going? If your mood is altered with them? If there's nothing positive while conversing or being around these people? Sometimes it could be that you no longer have things in common with them anymore and your walk is different with them.

Don't be afraid to let wasted time go. You can't change the past of time but you can determine how you would like to spend your time moving forward.

Be intentional about your time. Be decisive about your time. Appreciate your time. Put boundaries on your time. Love the time that you have because you can't get it back.

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