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Elders Introduction From Brotha Bomani Muqaddim Shabazz

Updated: May 2, 2023

Heartfelt Greetings To TheSurvivors Community: My u.s. government name is Karlester Young, prisoner number AY6231 currently housed @ SCI-Phoenix in eastern PA. Thanx for welcoming me into this community forum. Socially imposed isolation hastens the deterioration of ones social IQ, therefore I considered you-all as lifelines. Thus far, I have served more time than Jesus Christ, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Comrade George, Brother Minister Malcolm, Nelson Mandela, and many other greats. However, I remain physically buried alive in this contemporary dungeon, conquering demons and overcoming unpredictable challenges, so I am counted among theSurvivors. May those who have failed to survive, somehow find peace.

May The Survivors Community have eyes that see the best of tomorrows, a mind that forgets the worse of yesteryears, a heart that forgives, and a spirit that never loses faith in the blessed promises of the moment.

Karlester Young AY6231

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