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A Whole 13

How do you literally watch someone grow more beautiful every day? How does someone start off life with enough light in their eyes to light up an entire city, & that light only get brighter as they age? You came into this world full of love, life & everything else. You've faced more trauma by the tender age of 13 than so many ever face in their lifetime. Even at 13 I have yet to see you buckle. I remember before you could talk when you used to communicate with your personality & attitude. You had just as much to say then as you do now. When you learned to talk, the words that came out of your mouth astounded me. 13 with the vocabulary of a college English major. I love you & I'm beyond impressed by who you are. I cannot change the struggles you've faced. I cannot stand in front of the ones you are yet to face. What I can do is take today to acknowledge you. I can take today and use is as a focal point for you to return to when needed. At 13 you've done impossible things. You've suffered losses that have crippled millions, & your resilience is what shines brighter than the sun. You are in your very own right a survivor of Loss, Pain, Uncertainty, Change, Grief…the list goes on. At 13 you have already accomplished more than you can fully comprehend. Numerous times you've dried my tears & showed me a different way to grieve. You taught me & everyone around you that succumbing to grief was not honoring the life of someone so deserving. You still perform beautifully. Whether through dance or through the breath taking art of being you. You are far from a child. You still have a whole lot of life to live, & so much to #growthrough but you are someone who never deserves to be diminished or dismissed. You are a guide & role model in my life & I am not ashamed to look up to a teenager. You are the only person who loves like you do. You are a gift. Happy Birthday to you. I look forward to celebrating you & the daily accomplishment of being you very soon. Until then, I pray that who you are is constantly fueled by whatever is your unshakeable source of strength. If you need anything as you continue the journey of life and continue existing with the force of will that you do, I ask that you remember that you have me. Allow me to be the resource to you that you constantly are to me. You are Incredible and Powerful. You are everything you're mother dreamed you'd be and more. You are the gift to my life that continues giving. I love you today, tomorrow and always. Congratulations on surviving 13 years of everything that you have. You are an example and inspiration. You are exactly who the world needs you to be. You are loved. Plain and Simple. Thank you for being you.

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