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"If y'all was capable of getting it I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I feel like adaptation is a survival tactic. A thing done out of necessity. I'm familiar with power dynamics and the way they strongly influence interactions in ways that they wouldn't if the power were more equally distributed. I had a conversation about it that sparked the initial understanding of adaptation. It was sharpened as I read more about it in a different perspective from a book called Mother Hunger by (add author). In one of her chapters she talked about how sometimes because of power dynamics women have to "make their rapist breakfast". Being incarcerated has given an understanding of having to constantly adapt to the moods and authorities of different people based off of a survival need to avoid the double jeopardy of consequences that exist in this world. An infraction of any kind carries the potential of a direct consequence, going to "the hole" which instantly halts any ability to adequately communicate and interact with your loved ones, well less adequately than the already inadequate options available in the best of times. But the double jeopardy comes in when its used against you at the end of your sentence at the seeking of parole. You have to suffer constant indignities aimed against you and your family guided by the understanding that if getting home to them is really your goal you have to delay the gratification of seeking personal justice to the constant affronts against your person. Forcing you to live in a perpetual heightened state of fear and anxiety. When people snap like I've seen happen, few people understand that it's a succumbing to an unnatural pressure that is always building in response to consistently abused authority. I look forward to when adaptation is a thing of my past and where I am free to live without a guillotine constantly hanging over my neck. For the people who relate in any form. We are #SurvivingTogether

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