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Am I Institutionalized?

Donald Maragh MM3393

Am i institutionalized I believe we all are one way or another whether you cherishing the smallest items if your in here doing the same thing everyday stuck in your ways if your not even worried about the outside world or talking about I'm maxing out I don't want to owe them nothing we don't want to admit it but if you've done a good amount of time there's no way around it when were released well be doing things unconsciously that are institutionalized acts we really won't know how much or to what degree until were released that's when the real test begins after 5 or more years who wouldn't be because being in here for a long time will effect you but everybody's affected differently everybody going through different things some are stronger mentally than others and some have so much support and are so connected with the outside world that makes the transition easier when your not reaching out enough not staying in touch with the outside world this is when it will get bad this is when you'll be jailed out that's another named for it we just gotta keep up with the times and not give in to the jail time its not a lot to do so most of us catch ourselves stuck in a routine and cherish lil items but the most important things is to learn as much as you can read never sit still once you're not keeping your mind sharp and busy all you focusing on is jail stuff this is when you'll become institutionalized after a certain amount of time it's no way around being a lil institutionalized I mean like being in a routine or having ya cosmetics lined up in size order lol I got my lil ways but my mind not trapped in here and I know I'll fit back into society with no problem.

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