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Am I Institutionalized?

Lashawn Peterson LF1658

AM I INSTITUTIONALIZED? I've been locked down for a long time and have seen men break but my mentally is like Steele! Going through the things I have and seeing what these eyes have seen, the average person would have bled tears! I've been blessed. Never took a drug, never took medication. I have learnt at a young age to never let someone think for you, never let someone control your mind and never let anyone control you! I am a creating of the Creator and if I let this control me then I'm forgetting about Him! I AM NOT INSTITUTIONALIZED! I have except that I made mistakes as a young man growing(as we all have) and have to deal with the consequences of my actions! I accepted this and in order to do so you have to have a strong mind! I've lost family members while dealing with this! friends have moved on with their lives and forgot me! children growing without me and their mothers moving on not letting me be in my children lives! This is happening to plenty of men and women in a system that made to institutionalize you! They say prison is to help with rehabilitation, when in fact there's nothing here to rehabilitate you! were living a GROUNDHOGS DAY LIFE! Were constantly being disrespected and degraded! And this is a everyday thing and when you get use to living this life same thing over and over and over and start to get use to it or looking forward to the smallest things you can start to become institutionalized! I CAN NEVER BE USE TO THIS SHIT! I live my life day by day until I'm either dead or free! those are the two I look forward to in prison! My first jail they sent me 6 1/2 hours away, no visits from my family, no money because the wage was 19¢ and I had to pay for food, hygiene, cable and had no family riding on a 20year sentence! THAT RIGHT THERE IS ENOUGH TO MAKE AN AVERAGE PERSON IN PRISON INSTITUTIONALIZED! I'M STILL HERE, STILL STRONG AND ALMOST OUT THE DOOR WITH 99% OF MY SENSE! SO AM I INSTITUTIONALIZED? I WONT ALLOW IT!

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