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Am I Institutionalized?

Melvin Clark HT4189


I truly appreciate the time, and efforts to even reach out to the ones who are all so often forgotten or gave up on. Thank You!! Am I institutionalized? I myself who has been incarcerated for 19&½ years can say honestly that after living it daily, witnessing first hand what this jail Sh#t is all about. NO! It definitely took some time, soul searching, and digging deep to really come to the realization that ( YOU GET WHAT YOU PUT OUT ). This can be a play ground or the best time to find ya self. I tell people often this was a free college ride for me. Understanding what my self worth was very important to me, and slowly developing new habits is a long process, and most individuals in these facilities\institutions have a hard time channeling their frustration, and give up too quickly when things don't go their way. So its so much easier to just sit around tell stories, gamble, play the yard, run ball EVERYDAY. Yet, its a library in EVERY JAIL. I'm not talking about just the law library either. If you don't know something, you can go look it up, instead people will never know because they are to cool to be viewed as uneducated for a second rather asking a question or be seen with a book that peaks their interest. So the days slowly tick away, and we know what happens when you have to much time on ya hands. Inside these walls trouble isn't far away. I've seen some of the strongest minds fall victim to the jailhouse struggle. I believe one will only feel or become institutionalize based on what real Drive,Discipline,Dedication He or She shows... We are so quick to look for excuses, when we need to FOCUS more on solutions. I myself had to learn to focus on what's important as well as respect the fact that family and friends lives don't stop because I made some bad decisions. Again, I appreciate the plat form Thank You...MClark P.S.((Its Impossible to lockup the mind.))

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