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Another Day


Dear Survivors Community,

Welcome to another day, yet the same day as the yesterday that got away which has us now confined behind razor-wire topped chain link fencing, some defending, others rationalizing the dehumanizing of all those hurt in the wake of our existence,

Or perhaps that's just me.

Welcome to another day, yet an opportunistic day that gives a chance to be better than the yesterday we are daily reminded of because that's all the justice and correctional systems believe we are capable of,

to hide their own crimes,

against humanity.

Welcome to another day, a familiar day, for as the sun rises we strive in hope to cope within the confines we have been set in, to die in, yet we thrive in spite of the mistakes made decades ago, able to grow beyond the limitations,

imposed upon ourselves.

Welcome to another day, this day that someone did not get to see, for it is in some way we must live for them, to love again, collectively be what they had hoped to be,

as we are a part of humanity,

none are free until we all are Free.

Welcome to another day, full of mystery and wonderment of what the day may bring forth in the course of daily operations, difficult situations, battle tested decision making capabilities,

to help navigate the complexities,

of serving L I F & E.

Truth... don't fail me now,

I live in reality,

longing for another day.

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