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"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

To me Appreciation is a verb. An action word like Love or Loyalty. It's not something you say it's something you show. It's a choice you make & one you must make consciously. Anybody can say they're loyal, but until it's time to actually be so those words mean nothing. Same thing with love. People say they love you all the time, but when you need that love manifested in a way that would require someone to take action on your behalf, that love falls short. Appreciation is an essential aspect of any healthy relationship that you intend to stay healthy & that you value. To me appreciation is the relationship fuel we all need to love each other for who we are despite our many flaws that are also a foundational aspect of who we are and will always be. I'm the 1st to admit in any circumstance, disagreement, or conflict that I am not perfect. I am also always clear on the stance that I could be wrong. The thing that makes me worth holding onto despite my many flaws is the level of appreciation that you have for my existence in general. Valuing me past the life choices that are mine to make daily whether you agree with them or not. Valuing me past who you "wish" I was or how you hope I'll respond. Choosing to value me at all, & showing me that you do with your actions is what makes relationships of all kinds possible. I choose to not only appreciate the people who appreciate me, but to show appreciation for & acknowledge the things they do that they do not have to. I love who I love on purpose. I give what I give on purpose. I value who I value because they deserve to be valued. It's not something they have to earn, it's a gift I give freely. I appreciate the people who are in my life & have remained so. I appreciate you for who you are, & I always will. 20 years is a long time for someone to consistently be who they are. Thank you for being you.

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