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Day 12 leading to Year 4

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I thought this would be more difficult to maintain, but I was wrong. Its surprisingly easy. All I have to do everyday is talk about you in some way shape or form. I've talked about loving you. Have I told you how much I admire you? Almost 20 surgeries before you were 35. Abandonment. Abuse. Chronic Pain. Chronic Illnesses. Addiction. Single Parenthood. Debt. You either have or are still battling and overcoming all these things. You do so daily, but still find time to fight for others. You still find time to invest in the person you were created to be. You are purpose driven. The only thing that can stop your progress is you. As you continue to exist, the world will continue to change. It will continue to expand. It will continue to get simultaneously simpler and more complicated. During that journey and process you will be tasked with the unending obligation of being you. You will continue to grow. You will continue to adjust and build upon the foundation of who you are. You will continue to lead. You will continue to sacrifice. You will continue to inspire. You will continue to fight. You will continue to love. You will continue to triumph. You are so much more than you know. I hate that you cannot see you through my eyes. You are the Secret Weapon. You are an endless wealth of all things essential. You are a Motivator. A Developer. A Nurturer. A Solution. An Asset. A Foundation. A Way. An Influencer. You are Intelligent and Determined. You are Honorable and Worthy. You are Desirable and Destined. You are Trustworthy and Appreciable. You make my life so much better and you do so in the midst of the turmoil of your own. I will forever admire you for pushing through when so much is literally in your path to resist your progress. The reason you are so strong is because you push through so much. Your Success will exist eternally. I love you.

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