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Day 5 leading to Year 4

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

Fighting is a choice. A choice that some make instinctively and some intentionally. You fight intentionally. You fight knowing what you have to lose. You fight valuing something that a many people never think about. Everyday you fight you encourage someone whether someone now, or later. Everyday you inspire me, but I'm trying not to be biased :-) I realized long ago that you don't have to do anything that you do. I watch you be there in all the ways that people fail to value, yet you're still there. I see you fight through agonizing struggles, and your only reward is another day of hope. Hope that today will be better. Hope that today it'll make sense. Hope that today someone will notice and care. Hope that today you can keep fighting. The choices you make daily are the reason that the choices of some people even exist. You make a way for people to function. You figure out the things that people could if they would. You're not perfect or close to it, none of us are. You are a human being who puts forth an effort, everyday in numerous ways. Effort means investment, and the things and people you invest in blossom and boom. Today the effort you made to get out of bed set in motion a day surrounding life and progression instead of stagnation and failure. Don't get lost in yesterday. Don't get lost in last week. Last year. Or even 4 years ago. Immerse yourself in today. Enjoy the love and appreciation of the people who want you here. Take a breath on purpose. Smile on purpose. Love on purpose. Live on purpose. Trust on purpose. Believe on purpose. One more day is all it will ever take. What you didn't accomplish yesterday, there's time to do today. Pick up and kill it lol. Never stop being you, today is the day you live in your power. I love you. Thank you for another day.

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