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Day 7 leading to Year 4

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

How much has happened in your life in the past 4 years? Where did that time go? What stands out to you most about it? Do you feel like getting here was almost impossible? Do you feel like if you had to go through everything you just did all over again you could? A day begins & ends someone's lifetime, constantly & without fail. A day is a lifetime. 4 years is multiple lifetimes & you have lived them all. In that 4 years what have you learned? What skills have you acquired? What goals have you met? What is the biggest difference between who you are today & who you were then? I've watched you these past 4 years. I've been on a journey with you that I've watched you prosper through. What I know true about you is this, if you had to go through everything you just did all over again as the you standing here today, you'd do it in months. You are everything more than you were 4 years ago. Your choices, your knowledge, your understandings, beliefs, your faith, your love, your vulnerabilities. All of these things & more have been heightened, honed, & are a forcefield of power that thoughtlessly destroys so many of the issues from 4 years ago that still exist, but no longer plague you because you've learned how to overcome them to the point that they don't seem to exist. All of your frustrations still exist. Your fears, your insecurities. Your problems. Nothing goes away, you just get better at dealing with it. Life will always be far from perfect. Sometimes good days will feel way too few to matter. What's important to remember is you've been here before. You've faced this problem. It may not be the exact same one, but you know from experience what was helpful in dealing wit it, & what wasn't. Avoid what was harmful, utilize what is helpful. Keep fighting the fights that matter, the way that matters. See the strength of you today 4 years later.

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