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Day 9 leading to Year 4

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I might not be here tomorrow. I wanna be here with you every step of every single day of this journey, but the truth is I might not be. I'm on Day 9 with 9 to go & as I'm sitting here loving you I am realizing that it's not a guarantee I'll be here to see year 4 with you. I don't say that in a depressing way, I say it in a thankful way. Because of that realization, I realize I have the gift & blessing of being able to tell you right here & right now how I feel instead of waiting for a "better time." I exist right now, & right now is the only time any of us ever exist. You are Beautiful. You are Supportive & extremely Creative. You are Human. That means you're as difficult & complex as all of us, but just as Deserving of Being You. This world benefits from your Thoughts. It benefits from your Vision & your Story. It benefits from your Experiences. The benefits of the world comes second to the benefits to my life. My heart benefits from yours continuing to beat. My life makes much more sense with you in it than out of it. My today would crawl without the Motivation you bring to it. Who you are is without a doubt Irreplaceable. Your Purpose is so vast that trying to contain it will cause cataclysmic events. You are impossibly Everywhere & a part of Everything. Even the people who dislike you carry the influence of who you are in their lives. Your life is connected to everything that breathes or exist in some way. I would never have been who I am today without your influence in my life. Everyday you teach me something. Sometimes something so small as what not to say or do. As long as there's breath in my body I will always need you to be exactly who you are. Even when there isn't, our kids will. The world will. But most importantly YOU will. You need you more than any of us does or deserves. Love You More. Please & Thank you. I Love You. Today

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