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3 Circles

Updated: May 12, 2022

"If your circle doesn't challenge you to grow beyond your comfort zone, then you are definitely in the wrong circle." - Unknown

By: IvoryLuv

What are these 3 circles?

My Cousin once told me, everybody have 3 circle of people in their life. We should only really have 2 but sometimes we hold on to that last circle too as if we'll be missing something. I'll explain what they are in a minute. Have you ever been confused about who people are to you, and what place they belong in your life? This is where the 3 Circles come into play at.

Your life will revolve around these 3 circles once I explain them, you will begin to place people in the circles (silently). I guarantee your life would start to be a little easier with grouping the people in your life into these categories.

  • 1st Circle:

This circle is one of the best circles. Let's call this circle "Main Ones". Within this circle there should only be about 1 or 2 people in this circle, maybe 3 tops. This don't have to be what the world say it "should" be. It don't have to be someone you knew for 10+ years, your momma, your cousin or even your sister. Sometimes its your neighbor, your brother or even someone you met 2 years ago. In this circle these people have your back. They never let you down. You may not talk all the time but when you need them for whatever and they have the means to do it or give it they do. Most of the time they will even find a way to get it done for you. They know all of your secrets and you trust they would never spread or tell anyone else. They never get tired of hearing your issues and they give you the best advice in all situations. They don't hate on anything you have going on. They are your best friends, Your ride or die's, down for whatever... your Main Ones!

  • 2nd Circle:

This circle is a comfortable circle. This circle is called "Use what we can". Using someone is not bad when it's done right. In this circle you give and take. This circle is for when you carpool, when you wanna go to a concert, when you wanna go t lunch and so forth. So you see this group is your friends and family as well however, you don't tell this group all your business. You keep this group real general. Don't confuse this group with your "Main Ones" group because sometimes we do so. Sometimes we slip and make someone in this group a "Main One" and wonder why we're being shitted on. Most the time its our fault because we let them get there and put them in a place they do not belong in. Check yaself, Check ya group cause that ain't it.

  • 3rd Circle:

This circle is ain't shit. Let's call this circle straight what it is the "Ain't shit" circle. This circle drains you and nobody should literally be here that you talk to unless you wanna get burned. These folk take and take and take but don't give you shit. No I'm lying they give you little sometimes to keep you hanging on... if you let them. They give you just what you need to make you stay around or think that they in your life for the long haul. They take until you have nothing, not even energy. You let them they will rob you dry of everything. They give bad advice and they root for your failure. the one time you can't do for them its the end of the world. They may say "Oh thats okay" but better believe they're either gonna act funny or "keep that same energy" with you like you meant to not be there or do what they're asking on purpose. They really can give two shits about you besides what they can get from you. Stay away from these selfish people. They can be whomever is around you. They may be your family or friends you knew for years. Let them go no matter who they are and what "title" they have.

Now you see how important these circles are. How they can better your life and help you to maneuver in this world we call life.

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