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Different not Better

"If y'all was capable of getting it I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I learned something today from my 12yr old Princess. She loves her big cousins, she would swear more than me, but that's debatable lol. When she went on the site to read the blog post I made as a tribute to them her eyes got huge. I laughed hard and asked her why her eyes were so big, and she said "That's a lot." in her high pitched exaggerating preteen voice. I didn't grow up in the culture of social media, so I asked her what she posted, and she showed me. What she showed me helped me realize that compared to what she's used to, what I do here is a lot. I appreciated seeing her reaction and the opportunity to see her post because it bridged a gap for me and helped define things a little better for me. It also gave me an opportunity to have a conversation with her about different forms of communication on our next visit. I don't believe that any one form of communication is better than others. I believe that everything different complements each other, that is the foundation of TSC to me. With her post the pictures she chose expressed a lot of love, happiness and fun. They said more than her few words did, because the pictures, and the decision to make a post of acknowledgment at all, did most of the talking. What I view and hope these versions of tribute do is utilize this platform to say more than you normally could based on the current culture of social media posts and other usages. So to my Gen-Z's like my lovely (completely never annoying) daughter, who describes everything done in a way before her generation did simply as "old" smh I'll say this. Old ways of doing things only become obsolete in a world that they aren't needed. I leave it up to the people who I express myself to, my way, to determine whether it's needed or not. Thank you for letting an old outdated guy like myself have a place of expression that makes me feel heard.

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