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Diminished Hope

A person seeking commutation on a life sentence, or Death By Incarceration (DBI) must receive a unanimous vote from a five-member panel board before going to the governor for final consideration. There is record of one individual succumbing to the effects of COVID-19 and dying while waiting for a governors signature on the commutation papers.

Recently two individuals who were successful in the commutation process in 2019, after serving 30 years for one and longer for the other, and hired in the office of Lt. Governor as commutation specialist's by the previous administration were fired. (

In 2019 just before the height of the Pandemic there was a big push for the incarcerated men and women to submit applications for commutation. We were told it was a lengthy process, be patient but hope was renewed.

Hearing of the firings of these two advocates, whom many of us know personally, is such a brutal blow to the hope built up by being exemplars of the promise of second chances. Picture a young man or lady looking out the window for mom or dad to come home. Sitting for hours, hoping to see the parents, an old friend, but news arrives, no one is coming.

This news of the firing hurts, as we have been waiting for a change in the system that is supposed to 1. Habilitate: 3 Obsolete To impart an ability or capacity to. To qualify oneself for a post or office. Rehabilitate: 1 To restore to good health or useful life, as through therapy and education. 2 To restore to good condition, operation or capacity. The Definitions come from the American Heritage Dictionary 4th Ed..

This is that news that no one is coming, there is no change coming. Yet, I must remember the hurt in those who have suffered much greater loss. Who quietly grieve because of me. {END}

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