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Each day brings a chance to do better

How Often We Wish For Another Chance to make a fresh beginning A chance to blot out our mistakes And change failure into winning And it does not take a special time to make a brand new start . It only takes a deep desire to try with our heart, To live a little better And always be forgiving And add a little sunshine" To the world in which we're living So never give up in despair And think that you are through For there is always tomorrow And a chance to start anew. Larry Smalls.


It always takes persistence to succeed in what you do , It takes a warm contented heart And dreams you want to come true , It takes a strong and willing mind with faith and courage to try , It takes a willingness to learn Don't ever let life pass you by. It takes a goal for the future with a vision to achieve in life and so many hardships to master heavy burdens sorrow and strife , But there is also someone who's willing to help you accomplish your goal ; God will aid you in your ( Persistence ) And help you reach you (Goal ). Larry Smalls. AF0928.

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