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"Everything that exist deserves to exist"

I've been trying to understand what existence is. I thought of it as living and being physically alive, but that definition is lacking to me. To say Martin Luther King Jr. doesn't exist anymore rings false to me. The same for Malcolm X, Albert Einstein and especially Robert Charles whose existence people purposefully attempted to eradicate (look him up). Each and every thing that once existed still exists in some way shape or form be it theoretically, genetically, historically, sentimentally or even as some form of mythology or legend. Existence is something that we have absolutely no control over, and I think that's very profound. Recently I was reminded that even though my sister Rayshonda may not be considered a historical figure to the world she is one to me and everyone else connected to her through love, relation or a billion other ways. I ponder existence and it's defining because I find it impossible to imagine not existing. I don't have any specific beliefs about an afterlife of any sort, but I know without a doubt that I believe in existence. What I'm trying to understand is the bounds (if any) that existence touches. Where does it begin and how far does it go. I pose this not as a lecture or explanation, but as a question that I hope others will take on the task of answering with me. There is no right or wrong answer, nor any specific one being sought. Every statement, opinion belief and doubt is welcome so please all feel free to share. Looking forward to hearing from you as we all keep

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