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In response to a SURVIVOR'S recent post on Existence. When you consider existence, have you reflected on all that had to go perfectly right, perfectly wrong at the perfect times since the beginning in order for your existence? At the onset, it speaks volumes to your state of heart, mind, body, and soul that you are even capable of considering such a question. I believe this is the foundation of existing, consciousness of you! That in and of itself is a miracle. You, since conception, survived your evolution into this dimension, and participate in analyses that result in your continued survival (and hopefully I'm not out of line here, but you did so through environments and circumstances detrimental to any beings prolonged survival). Still so, after becoming conscious of you, of being alive, which you are, you now get to consciously participate in the decision making process of your NOW and here-to-forward. I'm a Christian. This may provide you no comfort in your journey to discover you & the bounds of existence to which the short answer is, there are no bounds; for with GOD nothing shall be impossible. You are eternal, proofed by your own consciousness of YOU. Nevertheless, I allude to my beliefs because what is not in my HOLY BIBLE is GOD'S origins, i.e., Before The Beginning, when GOD was alone without anything, no teachers, mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, JUST GOD. Looking at existence through this lens provides all my comfort. Why? Because before GOD began creating, EVERY DETAIL, even quantumly, had been forseen. All the good, bad, in between, felt & considered by GOD. But GOD made a choice, to proceed; to give us the opportunity at life and the choices associated with being alive. That's deep when you consider the state of humankind today. GOD had to have encountered something profoundly beautiful to allow, then propel this particular design forward. Maybe GOD saw your survival or even better yet, your heart, love, loyalty, desire to want better for yours!

Eddie Gray

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