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Existence (Hyquawnn Wallace)

Existence? Do we exist outside of our actual physical existence?… In some sense I suspect that everyone would say "yes". For me, the only existence that matters to me outside of my physical existence, and maybe this matters more to me than my physical existence, would be my tangible remnants i.e. what I leave behind. This question coincides with my greatest fear, which is to die without accomplishing something in my life. That is what drives me everyday that I get up. I have to be more than just another guy who was born poor, went to prison for decades, and came home to work a dead end job until he eventually died. All of that is a very strong motivator for me so I strive everyday. I strive to make my life after prison a complete 180 from how I was born and raised. But, more than that is to leave my existence amongst the living. To leave behind something that tells anyone and everyone who I was even without them knowing me personally. That for me is my company Humorcide, and its subdivision Shittiot, whose mission statement is "To protect, serve, and spoil, the things most precious and dear to life." And, that could be many things like freedom or rights, but, for me it is the women and children. Everyday I see something along the lines of sexual assault, abuse, or murder, toward some innocent child, or defenseless woman. And there isn't more outcry toward it as there is about gun violence or fetanyl. Those things are bad, but, I feel the issue I stated is just as terrible, and until I can accomplish what I feel could be the spark that awakens the world to see it in the light that I do I won't be okay with passing from this existence. But once I accomplish this my existence will forever be sealed in that initial installment because there is nothing more me than that which I work on everyday. So, anyone that picks it up, whether they personally knew me or not, they will know me, and, for me that's everlasting life, or in this case, existence. …i am NoOne Special

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