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Existence (Jamaal Ennis)

You see with all of these people that you speak of right they do exists in your mind , and in your heart also in your speech and action's. you know the saying ( gone but not forgotten ) because everything that one of these gentlemen has done. they left they're mark on this earth , on the people , upon this nation whether it was martin Luther king Jr. dream that we all will come together as one meaning ( black & white ) or Malcolm's militant posture trying to unite the people for another common cause. trying to educate the black man & woman on how stand up for there selves and fight the Powers that be. like Dr. Albert Einstein his structure was prominent it all started with him. he showed us how to bring things into existence by borning the science, meaning how to manifest by dealing with math. so all that being said these people do exists in our minds & our conversation , and once we start talking or speaking about them. this is how they exist and once we bring forth what they spoke about , or stand for what they stood for. and calling the people to act's of righteousness and do what they were trying to do. this is how we bring them into existence by dealing with everything that they have done in life , with they're good Way's and they're bad action.

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