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Existence- Reg

I fell like existence is self defined meaning its individual. You could ask a person living on the street about their existence and one might give you the saddest story of hardship and despair all about loss and regret. You could ask another person living on the street the same question and they may explain to you how this is their version of freedom, free from bills and the weight of the world and how they are free from everything that makes life burdensome. You may question how or why but again if its defined by the individual although you may disagree it only means that your definition of existence is different. I feel like existence changes because everyday isn't the same. A person can hate their job on Monday be happy with it on Thursday and be tired of it on Friday. I feel like existence is fluid its ever changing, there is no strict definition. Existence can be defined in the moment or for a period of time but its not restricted to a certain feeling or a certain time. To me existence involves fluidity because life changes by the second so I do not see how someone's existence can be stagnant. Even with the consistencies of life, change is also consistent. REG

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