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Express Yourself

Jeffrey Shockley

My brother is an independent long haul truck driver who struggles like most and I write this for him to encourage him, all Black men, to stay positive and do what you do no matter where you are.

For my brother Robert: Not Rob, or Robbie, Bob or Bobby, but Smurf or Smurfinaround because... that's his business.

He says: I've walked the miles to get where I am, surviving the trials of my youth again and again.

Learning to achieve and receive this life my ancestor's dreamed this generation of me might be free in because that's my business to grieve them for their pains endured even here... in 2023.

To do so as a Black man can and withstand the stereotypical garbage touted to us about who what when were I we us Our People should be, others perception about what could be and I show them the rig rolling through... That's' s my business.

Who among us is right from the first sight of entering this world with glazed eyes distorted from their mother's birth already sized up for the worth of who you might be as a human being? Less advantages as a Black man and yet here I stand to do what I do because, that's my business.

Who knows as the family grows where we might be in the next day, or by what way the next meal will come by? Yes, I try to do what is right in the sight of society's plight and rise above with the might of pressure to quit, but s#@t, we've made it this far my wife and I... but that's my business.

You can look at me and cast your eyes in some distaste about my race or the color of my skin. But never will I be denied the right to stand as a man who's made it through the urban street, picked some dandelions in the suburbs and grind throughout the highways and byways pursuing the elusive American dream, but...That's my business.

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