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Peace Kings & Queens of the community. Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Joshua Kelly, Inmate# LF-5722, currently incarcerated @ SCI Mahanoy. Today I'd like to share a little of my story to bring awareness to one of the many major issues that many inmates face today and need those in the world to join the fight against this corrupt system for change. I admit that I'm a flawed individual with a rap sheet that over the years I've worked hard at creating a better version of an remain a work in progress with a background of arm robbery charges, drug sailing charges, fleeing charges an gun possession charges that I take full responsibility for taking part in and understand now isn't part of the best version of me. In acknowledging my flaws an striving for better I was paroled in 2015 with a different perspective on life that motivated me to channel my hustle into the working class an eventually helped me identify my talent for building custom motorcycles which lead me to making the goal of one day building my own custom bike shop. I worked hard for four years to build my client base to successfully launch my custom bike business but was faced with adversity when I was hit by a intoxicated co-worker operating a industrial pallet jack forklift on the job disabling me and causing a need for corrective back surgery. Out of work and falling into a depression state of mind I loss focus an reverted back to old ways to make ends meet which lead to my current incarceration before I was able to receive the needed corrective surgery which began the fight of my life that I wanna share with you today that many of us face and need more advocates in battling these penny pinching administrations that choose saving a dollar over the adequate treatment of a human being. Upon my incarceration my medical records followed with the restrictions of "NO" climbing of stairs or ladders as a result of the back injuries I suffered from my work related injury. Those medical restrictions ordered by a legitimate outside physician were deliberately disregard upon my arrival to SCI Mahanoy by the facility Administration. I followed the facilities medical procedures requesting medical attention but was ignored an housed on top tier against ALL medical restrictions. Eventually my injuries were aggravated from the constant climbing of housing unit steps an one day while attending day room rec time my back gave out an I end up falling down a flight of steps hitting my head off a floor rendering me unconscious. I was rushed to a outside hospital for testing where I was denied certain testing due to cost cutting tactics an shortly discharged after. Upon discharge I could barely walk, fully chained and shackled and refused a wheelchair by the escorting officer I was forced to walk at his pace due to the officer trying to rush back to clock out an beat being mandated to work enough shift. In the event of being rushed I ended up tripping over leg shackles an reinjuring my back. After re-aggravating my back injury I was afforded a wheelchair but refused to be sent back to the hospital for cost reasons and I was admitted to the facility infirmary away from access to the outside world until I complied with signing off that I was okay to return back to population. Once discharged from the infirmary I was housed back on the same block in the same top tier cell with a walking cane. I was ordered bottom bunk/bottom tier after the falls but the order was deliberately ignored once again and I was forced to climb housing unit steps with a walking cane. I was the center of block guards jokes an noone took the initiative to help, I eventually ended up re-aggravating my back injury an falling down the steps again this time hitting my face an suffering a orbital fracture which I was denied treatment for. I was eventually moved to a bottom tier cell, but still fight for adequate treatment til current date. The first two falls occurred on July 28, 2021, an the third fall on August 9, 2021, and my fight continues to current date because the Administration focus more on watching cost then treating us as humans. Since my incarceration I've hit the reset button on life and continue to work on building a plan to accomplish the goals of one day owning my own custom bike business with returning my health back to its rightful place, and I've even earned my NCCER Welding cert since because I believe the best version of me is a work in progress and giving up isn't a option regardless of the adversities I face today to be treated as a human in this corrupt system. Through fighting for my rights I have taught myself Civil litigation and been blessed to find a lawyer to join my fight an litigate my law suit before the courts which is currently in the courts as you read this. A lot of people have jumped ship since then but you lose loved ones in war. For those that got family or love ones behind the wall please remain connected to them and advocate for the ones that are fighting the fights to be treated as humans. It can be time consuming but keep in mind that your help has the potential to not only help save your love one life, but also the next man or woman that has noone. I fight for those that can't fight for themselves, if you know anyone that needs my help please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll help wherever I can. [CONTACT INFO]: "ConnectNetwork" locate me under Joshua Kelly Inmate# LF-5722 PA Dept. of Corrections SCI Mahanoy Peace & Love and above all Respect, Stay Woke.

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