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David Ferguson ET9705

I am not an artist of music or poetry. I do not have any real tangible talent that could be used as a "platform". I am told that I have some decent rants that are entertaining yet real. I'm a 45yr. old guy that just wants to go home to his Family after 20 plus years. If someone wants to support me fine. If this is a profile for girls cool. If this is a useless rant, also cool.

I'm not sure what to write so I will just put down some things that have been weighing heavily on my heart. This system in PA is a complete and utter lie. It says DOC on everything, Department of CORRECTIONS! There is absolutely no corrections going on. It is quite the opposite actually! They have taken away our education every chance they get. Teachers call off of class more often then they have class so they can sit around and drink coffee.

The Prison system could be a huge opportunity for many, many people. It could save lives far beyond the lives within these walls. But, nobody gives two craps about the Forgotten! The scum of the Earth! The Nobodies! Well that my friends needs to change and it needs to change yesterday! It needs everyone to stand together and say enough. No more Stupidity will be bread in OUR society! ONLY BRILLIANCE!!!

But Ferg, you are talking nonsense! Your a dreamer, an idiot. You don't know the " struggle"we go though! BULLSHNIT!!!

There is always a way if we just stop looking at stuff with our own greedy eyes and look at things through a brooder lens. Through the lens of society. The lens of humans on Earth.

One of the most used things in this solar system as far as we know are solar panels. Yeah, think about it. They are even used in space to power the space station. Third world countries are using solar to power small undeveloped villages. To know how to install and repair solar panels would allow one a chance to work and have worth literally anywhere in the known universe. To help those in need and be a hero.

more in the next one. I say all of that because of one thing. Since I have been down one thing is clear, they cut all the trees on the compound within the prison to have a line of site. Then they built a bunch of really large buildings in the wide open space. Then they leave lights on as well as all sorts of other energy eating devices. So what is the all around best solution for everyone? You got it! Put solar panels on all the buildings and teach the inmates how to install and repair them PROPERLY!

It's not hard people. We want to learn stuff that is useful, not out of date crap that we can't use. Panels on every building here at Mahanoy would produce more then enough energy to not only power the prison but also the surrounding area I am sure. The state could sell the electricity to the electric company at a discount in turn helping the community to thrive. That would result in less fossil fuels burned and less need for nuclear energy. The environment would thank us also.

The panels would also act as a reflector for the suns rays. This also is helping the planet to reflect the heat off world. It all amounts to helping with climate change.

I personally have written letters to the house reps and senators to try and make this happen. The senators were returned to sender unable to forward. Address unknown. Don't ask because I don't know. This is just one of many ways that we can help each other to make our lives and the world better. I hope that this gives some ideas to some and maybe inspire some to help us to be better people not just in here but out there also.

Thank you and May the Gods smile upon us all.

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