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Yo what's ↑ world my name is Martique Daughtry but everybody know me as Marty or King Marty formally known as Marty Supreme I'm from West Oak Lane my state #GE-7207 I'm 35 years old 2day 2/15/88 yeah I know I know happy birthday 2 me right:) thank U N advance but 2 B honest I'm not so happy I'm lonely y'all:( I'm not looking 4 a relationship but I am looking 4 my ppl help me find my tribe y'all I've been wondering my whole life N a world full of ppl by myself I've been trapped N the belly of the beast 20 years & counting wit little 2 no support from the outside world & I know I'm somebody special my other haft even told me that I'm an amazing person but 2 B honest wit y'all I don't feel like it I feel like I was left 2 die my friends & family from my block just deserted me here N jail like I told on somebody or something & I ain't gone lie they hurt me wit that I use 2 watch ppl wit the good families go 2 commissary every week & get mail all the time, pictures of everybody from they neighborhood & I use 2 think 2 myself like what's wrong wit me? Y I don't have that? everybody say they love me but they hardly show it I've founded a publishing company called 'False Reality Publishing' I've self published my first book N 2018 called 'Twisted Game' it can B brought on N paper back & eBook or threw my cash app $daughtrydaughtry request current prices 4 my book & U can friend me on F.B @Marty.Daughtry.3 or directly some ppl say that I have an aggressive personality & I say I have an assertive personality but my lil sister says that I have a brain full of ideas wit no help or way 2 act on them? smh she's probably right LOL I like ppl that's like me who R about anything that is progressive I like go getters who ain't scared 2 take a chance on a business plan or operation U feel me? I'm looking 4 ppl who will support me N the same way that I will support them on every level I will B coming home 1 day & I'ma B so lit they not gone B able 2 put me out LOL get wit me

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Apr 16, 2023

Martique Daughtry inmate GE7207 I remember meeting you on F block camphill when you came into my wieghing only a 125 lbs soaking wet. Time has flew. Glad your still around. Stay blessed.

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