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Father's Day

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining
If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining"

I feel that the way we choose to define things determines the way we think, feel, and the actions we take based on those thoughts and feelings. How do we define the word Father? To me a Father is a Warrior. What is a Warrior? A Warrior is the person who steps forward, always and forever forward into the path of struggle, conflict and pain. It's not just what they do though, it's the why. Warriors don't step forward for themselves. They have nothing to prove. They are what they are. When you're a Warrior you know it. You don't have to brag and shout. You don't have to scream it, you just live it. Warriors don't look around to see who's gonna step forward, they step forward and keep stepping until the job is done. They step forward because a void exist that needs to be filled and what they are demands that it be filled immediately. Warriors are decisive and determined. They use every breath in their body fighting the fights that need fighting. They don't step forward for themselves, or for fame or glory. They step forward for us. Everybody who deserves a chance. Humanity only still exists on this planet because of the Warriors throughout human history (some whose names will never be uttered or remembered) who stepped forward and fought the tragedies that, without their intervention, would've ended the existence of the person writing these words and the person reading them. Father's aren't the only Warriors, but they are my focus today. The first Warrior I ever met carried me in her womb. The second one held me the day I was born and hasn't let go since. My Father is the Warrior who made me possible. Biologically you did me a service that is undeniable. But beyond that you have silently done EVERYTHING that needed doing. I watched you provide the Act of Love and Commitment to people who never learned how to love u back. You didn't do it for praise or appreciation, you did it out of love for someone other than yourself. Appreciation and Love are the only meaningful gifts I have. I Love you Dad. I love the man you are and have always been. …

Thank you for being Worthy of the title Father. Thank you for being the Example Worthy of Emulation. Thank you for being "MY" Father. Happy Father's Day to the man in my life most Worthy of Respect! #SurvivingTogether #RoseGivingTribute #TSC #TheSurvivorsCommunity #SoFisticatedSavage #FathersDay

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