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Fix the failed system

I can not be the one to think that it can all be fixed easily and have the answers. That honor is for all of us to come up with. I can say from my experience that we need to stop looking at the "Judicial System" as a FINANCIAL business! As long as we keep that mind set, then we will never get past the concept that we are just a docket number, then a DOC number. A number of an item on a shelf to collect money from.

I personally want a chance to be the best Human Being that I can be. To have a chance to go home and help my family and with any luck become a PI that will help others to find the joy and happiness or at least some closure as I have. To at least put my best foot forward. There are so many of us that just want a chance to prove that we deserve another chance at life. Most of us are beyond ready to prove the nay sayers wrong. We need to stop being scared to give people a chance because one guy did something wrong a long time ago. Look at the statistics and honestly look at the percentages. More people get out and do the right thing then not.

If it is true that we don't give two craps about guilt or innocents, believe me there is no such thing and I can prove it in my own personal case, then we at least need to give the "CORRECTIONS" a chance. The fact that a person can "REHABILITATE" oneself is a truth! It most certainly is true!!! But one could use some help. The system does not do anything to help one become better. It offers sub par programs that are canceled more then they are available. Schooling is the same way. The teachers show up to work and cancel class constantly for no other reason then they don't feel like having class. Hey, you elected the officials that allow this stuff to exist, I'm not allowed to vote. So one must rehabilitate one's self and beat the odds. Those of us that do, get rewarded with disappointment and parole hits. Every so often one makes it out. See next entry...,.

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