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In this Life ,we all must go through. It's in the "GOING THROUGH", that we become who we are and will be. As we learn to recognize this fact, we can encourage those who still may appear in the CATERPILLAR stage, to press on ,, fight the good fight, stay focused on possibility that the best is yet to come . The divine in a man will encounter far more opposition than encouraging support when the aforementioned " GOING THROUGH " process begins. In order for a CATERPILLAR 2 become a BUTTERFLY there is A PRICE 2 PAY!. The ungodly nature ( the flesh) must be dealt with. Dealt with as in put to death daily. This is a life long battle, a way of life for those who aspire to MAXIMIZE their God giving potential. We are all born with the possibility to experience the reality of THE GREATNESS that lives within, but just because the greatness is in there, doesn't make you great NO! It's by GOING THROUGH the actual experience of OVERCOMING your ungodly desires, cravings, the urges of the flesh that you give birth 2 your higher nature. This understanding was so vital 2 GREATNESS that the ancients built a monument 2 this principal over 10,000. years ago. We most commonly recognize this monument by it's Greek name "THE SPHINX", but the Greeks had nothing to do with this monument , nor had they the mentally to appreciate the FACT beyond it's creation. The body of the beast must be put down in order 4 1 2 become GREAT. The proper name 4 the monument is HER-M-AKHET = HERU OF THE ARISEN. which= how CATERPILLARS become BUTTERFLIES. I would love to find a female email partner 2 build with on this tip, but the actual building is so important it matters not from whence the encouragement comes. I am in the GOING THROUGH PROCESS, CATERPILLAR LIFE IS OVER , BUTTERFLY 2 BE PLEASE HOLLAR BACK IF YOU CAN HEAR ME. HOTEP OUT.

Gregory King

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