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Honoring A Man

Yo Nephew,

Def been a minute, but it's never a bad time for me to hear from you. I loved seeing you and meeting your wife, she is really a different kind of special. Beautiful, obviously (but not obnoxiously) intelligent, self aware, loving, communicative, and insightful. I love her for you, and I love that your child will be raised in love and happiness. As well as receive the very best qualities that both of y'all have to offer. I have literally watched you grow since the day you were born and I am prouder than I can possibly express at the man you've grown into. I can physically see it, I can hear it in ya words and how you communicate and I can feel it in your presence. I'm surrounded by males all day many of them my elders but very few truly grow into men worth admiring. You have done so. Thank you for that. Not for me but for you. If you don't know yourself it's easy to lose yaself. You went through a period where I feared I might lose you and you came out of it stronger and more resilient than ever. Thank you for taking that fear away.

Life has been pretty rough for me these last few years. It's like I'm literally trying to journey and grow while stuck in an environment that keeps triggering and reinjuring me faster than I can heal. At this rate my healing is just slowing my degeneration as opposed to carrying me away from it. My positivity that has been a source of function and hope for me when nothing else was is being drowned in a hate that is consuming my energy. My progress has slowed because my resources are so non existent. I'm trying not to disappear while at the same time trying to disappear instead of lashing out. I keep trying to step away from the dark that's calling me to embrace it. I had strong and solid cons of doing so, but they're being worn down and falling away. I hate the space I'm in, but all I can do is ride it out. Make sure that no matter what you live, love and grow and never let this life and world diminish who you are. I love you.

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