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I learned about loyalty

"If y'all was capable of getting it, I wouldn't mind explaining. If y'all was capable of getting it, it wouldn't need explaining."

I learned about loyalty, by watching every person around me be disloyal. I fell into an environment where everybody around me was scared and scared to admit they were scared. Not scared of the other wild, young, and energetic people around us (though that was the fear of many), but scared of the circumstances wrapping all of us up in an unavoidable cascade and whirlwind of unpredictable turmoil and consequences that we couldn't comprehend or understand. I was dropped into an environment of kids teaching kids how to survive life, and we were all failing miserably. In those early days of my "education/induction" into the life I'd be living for the next 2 decades, I learned what self preservation was, and how so many people would trade anything to maintain it. It silently disturbed me the constant switching of commitments and allegiances. From a pool of juvenile delinquents, my peers, I was able to deduce an aspect of human behavior that started teaching me the life lessons trust and loyalty in a way that built a foundational value for the people I'd later identify as the people who deserve to be in my life. I unconsciously used the contrast of the people who epitomized disloyalty and dishonor against the people I met (and the relationships I developed) who stood out like blinding lights against that contrast. I feel I may be overestimating (or possibly underestimating) my number, but the core value I'm emphasizing stands true. I feel that throughout my life thus far I've interacted with at least a million people. Out of roughly a million people less than 10 have survived the contrast. That doesn't mean that I don't love and value more than 10 people. It means that every person you love won't be someone you can trust, so don't put pressure on yourself to trust everyone you love.

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