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I miss my bro

Remember that old saying, "you never know what you got 'til it's gone?"

I'm sitting here, ear buds in, Sun's ablaze, and I'm banging "Koba, " by Albee Al.

And all I'm missing right now is my Bro. So this is a shout our for bro. Younger than me, but in wisdom he's oldest. A vow I once made to him was any time I was alone, big-fried, and listening to our favorite song, to call to mind our best year. I just recalled those memories bro, and I wanted to tell you that I miss you man! Recently, we were separated. Events had unfolded that were beyond our control, yet all truth being told, had to transpire exactly as ordained by powers beyond our comprehension. Don't feel no way that I never got to say bye or take the opportunity to embrace you one last time. Again, it had to occur that way plus, why would I want to experience saying good bye or a last embrace? You know how deep my beliefs are, we ain't ever gonna have to do that. You are Bro-Forever, once again solidified by the fulfillment of this vow. I had bro's once, I'll never have to go without again cause of you! You once said to me, "I don't know why you stood with me." I once assessed you WRONG, had you all misread, then I saw the loyalty, dedication, love that abides with and around you. A light. Surviving in the darkness all my life, I'm no stranger to the treacheries in the hearts and minds of people who claimed to love me. Many are we who've similarly suffered. But in you, I saw me. Who better to have as my bro then myself? Younger and exceptionally wise. I hold these moments near. It caused me to send a prayer out there for GOD to wake up the hearts of all the individuals currently without their better halfs for whatever reasons. May a soothing memory or mental impulse come quickly to minds. Dedicate a moment to relive a time when yinz was doing yinz. Cherish those memories my friends. These are the relationships, memories, feelings that propel us to be the best versions of us possible. Like my bro did.

Eddie Gray JL6615

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