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I watch people. I watch them all day looking for real life implications. I study the things they do so that their behaviors always betray their intentions whether they be genuine or deceptive. Not just with me, but with everybody they interact with daily. I look for the signals they send subconsciously about what aspects of humanity they subscribe to. When I watch I see things and the things I see help me better see the things I'm watching and the things they represent. I wonder if the motives of life matter to anybody in life as much as they do to me, it's energetically obsessive. I want to understand everything, and it keeps me pursuing something constantly. Even when I'm bored I'm still pursuing understanding in all the small things that most people seem to pay little attention to. The "whys?" behind the laugh of that moment. All the "whys?" I experience open up more "whys?" and they lead to the observable "whats?" are going to happen next, they lead to the "whats?" of whats gonna happen in response to that. Slowly I watch all those things develop into the easily noticeable things that always seem to captivate everyone's attention long after they've lost value in mine. Sometimes the development takes days or weeks, but it never fails to take place. Many details get lost in time and the process of coming to fruition, but it intrigues me none the less and shows me the energy that everyday interaction takes. It shows me the lesson of why being mindful where you invest yourself, energy and time determines your level of productivity in other areas. Who you are screams desperately to reveal itself to someone interested in seeing you for who you are, that's why I don't miss a thing.


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